Wedding Words of Wisdom

With this ring I thee wed


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Today’s engagement ring has an ancient history. The old Roman tradition was to give an iron ring, a symbol of the cycle of life and of eternity, as a public pledge that the marriage contract between a man and woman would be honored. Gold was introduced some time in the second century A.D. 

Your diamond engagement ring has royal roots. In the fifteenth century, diamond engagement rings became the established feature of the weddings of European kings and queens and the proxy marriages of their children.

Did you know that one ton of dirt has to be moved in order to find a one-carat diamond?

David gives valuable tips and information through the interview:

Think about how you would like to propose - creating a memorable engagement moment is just as important as selecting the perfect engagement ring.

Tell your jeweler about the style, the personality and the activities of your bride - that way the expert can advise you about the style and setting that would be most appropriate.

Samuel's Jewelers pride on selling value, which is determined by quality and price.  If you share your budget with your jeweler, he or she will give you various alternatives for getting what your bride desires while staying within your financial comfort zone.

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David Dell'Aglio

Chief Operating Officer

Samuels Jewelers Inc.


An industry veteran with over 30 years of fine jewelry experience, David Dell’Aglio has been with Samuels since 2007 when the parent company, Gitanjali Gems, purchased the Rogers Jewelers chain. Mr. Dell’Aglio was with Rogers for over seven years and had worked for three other jewelry store chains in the Midwest, most notably Sterling Inc. (owner of Kay Jewelers), where he held various merchandising positions.

Beginning his career right after college, he worked his way up from a customer service representative for Pulsar Time Inc., where he learned the true meaning of customer service.  David feels fortunate to be able to share in many of his customers’ most memorable moments.  During his 30 year career in the jewelry industry, David has traveled the world in search of diamonds and gemstones and has collaborated with the best manufacturers and jewelry designers of our time.