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Ingredients of the perfect meal

  • Ingredients of a perfect meal: Chris Brugler of Chris Brugler Catering and Challah King

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Off-site catering offers more creativity and flexibility and a good caterer will handle all the details flawlessly.  Find out what the most important considerations are when trying to decide whether to have an event at your home or another off-site location.  Learn why family-style service is one of the most popular new trends in catering.  There is so much more to a great meal than you realize!

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Chris Brugler


Chris Brugler Catering and Challah King



Chris’ love for the food industry traces all the way back to his high school years working part-time in a kitchen at a local restaurant in Philadelphia. Like most aspiring chefs, he took the next step and entered The Restaurant School at Walnut Hill College for his formal culinary education. Yet, unlike his student peers, and only two months into his training, Chris landed a job at the world-renowned Ritz Carlton where he worked part-time until graduation.

Soon after, he won the attention of highly acclaimed Master Chefs Paul Bocuse and Joel Antunes who offered Chris a job at The Ritz Carlton Buckhead in Atlanta, the only five-star, five-diamond restaurant in the Southeastern United States. He accepted and worked diligently for two years under Chef Antunes, until he recommended Chris to assist in the grand opening of The Ritz Carlton in Half Moon Bay, CA. Once things were up and running in California, he was flown back to The Ritz Carlton Buckhead where he spent the next four years perfecting his craft. After six intense and informative years working exclusively for The Ritz Carlton and their various properties all over the country, Chris felt it was time to diversify his culinary talents and explore his entrepreneurial dreams back on the West Coast.

The next few years he worked as a private chef for high profile clients all over California until he decided to settle down and work exclusively for a family in Beverly Hills. Chris was quickly consumed with the daily challenges of creating specific, innovative and diverse meals three times a day for the family, while simultaneously prepping for the weekly cocktail and dinner parties they would host. And as one might expect, his natural and unique ability to customize and cater to an array of requests ultimately led to the birth of his current endeavor.

Known for being one of Los Angeles’ premier catering companies, Chris Brugler Catering recognizes and appreciates the importance of the entire event experience. We combine the highly respected reputation of The Ritz Carlton’s standards and procedures with a private chef’s attention to detail and customized culinary needs.

Serving at the helm of his team, Chef Chris insists on informed and efficient service and does not settle for mediocrity. In the words of his mentors, he believes, “We are ladies and gentlemen serving ladies and gentlemen.”