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The "how to" of a DIY wedding

  • Wayne interviews Kym Stelmachers, CEO of DIY Weddings Magazine

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A DIY bride herself, Kym shares information that helps couples make sense of DIY.  

"Planning a wedding is overwhelming.  Pick the top three things that are most important and hire those professionals and then decide what you are comfortable with doing yourself."

Not every DIY project is cheap or inexpensive!   You can save money because you don't have to pay for the labor.  It's a labor of love, so people don't consider their time.  It's about that rather than saving money.

The number one question that brides ask if they need to have favors.  The answer may surprise you.

Kym's number one tip:  "When you figure out that everything is very expensive, it can be very overwhelming.  Get engaged, do your research on cost and then set the date.  Allow yourself the time to get it all done."

DIY trend:  The grooms are getting more involved and their projects ROCK!

Kym's favorite DIY project:  Creating a system for fastening fabric to the ceiling.  Visit DIY Weddings Magazine website to learn how!

Kym's Wedding Words of Wisdom™:  "When you are standing there waiting to walk down the aisle, the most important thing to remember is to breathe.  When you walk down the aisle, look at everything that you've accomplished.  Make sure that you are living it.  Your day goes by so fast, you really need to make sure that you experience it.  Go to a corner of your reception and look around, take it all in.  Marvel at everything that you've created and remember it all."

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Kym Stelmachers


The Mrs. Network LLC & DIY Weddings Magazine


Kym Stelmachers is the Founder\CEO of The Mrs. Network LLC & DIY Weddings Magazine. With 10 years experience as a Special Events Director and a DIY bride herself, she designed, developed and published a do-it-yourself wedding magazine for a new generation of brides.  

The magazine is full of budget saving, DIY projects and inspirational ideas that brides can use in their wedding, without spending a fortune.  With less advertising and more content, Kym and her team are delivering what brides are looking for.  The DIY Weddings Magazine became available on Apple apps at the beginning of 2012 and with easy access to all issues on the iPad, iPhone and iPod, the magazine's reach and popularity continues to grow.