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Physical Fitness for Your Wedding and Your Life

  • Physical Fitness for Your Wedding and Your Life

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"Kinema" means "movement" in Greek.  Not only is it the name of an innovative corporate wellness company that connects people with fitness, but it's also a way of life for the founder Joshua Love.  Joshua married April in July and knows first hand about the stress of planning a wedding.  His advice is to make a commitment to do one thing during the wedding planning process that will be good for you.  Establishing a routine that you can live with is key.   The benefits of good nutrition and exercise go far beyond shedding a few extra pounds.  Movement and excercise are a huge stress relief that will keep you healthy and strong, not to mention feeling great emotionally.

90% of physical fitness is mental.  It's the commitment that is more important than anything else and the commitment is all mental.
Do you believe in yourself enough to stick with it?

Joshua's Wedding Words of Wisdom(tm) - stick to what you know and enjoy.  Stay grounded and enjoy the process.

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Joshua Love


Kinema Fitness


Joshua Love has been involved in fitness his entire life.  He grew up in Philadelphia where he was born and raised.  He studied business at Syracuse University and took a career in consulting before realizing his passion for fitness and nutrition.  After three years at IBM Josh studied and became certified in personal training.  Soon after his certification he moved out to Los Angeles and worked for Equinox in Santa Monica.  He became a master trainer and stayed there for three years before starting his own business.  Kinema Fitness blossomed out of a need of helping many people.  Josh saw an opportunity in corporate fitness and took advantage of it. Kinema Fitness started with just one hotel and now is working with six hotels in Los Angeles and quite a few companies as well.