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Up-up and away with Jihan Zencirli, Certified Balloonatic

  • Jihan Zencirli, Master Balloon Trooper

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Did you know that a 36-inch balloon holds as much helium as 30 regular balloons?  It’s no wonder that it takes less than 50 of these enormous balloons to lift an adult up into the air! There is something stunning, dignified and magical about seeing these enormous balloons floating with 25 to 40-foot fancy frills trailing underneath them.  Jihan stumbled into giant balloons by accident.  She was drawn to these unusual objects, but did not know what to do with them, until one day she wanted to surprise a friend with something special for her birthday celebration at a restaurant.  After seeing the majesty of the helium filled balloon, Jihan decided that a simple curled ribbon just did not do it justice, so she pulled out a box of ribbons and special papers and the rest is history. 

Jihan is inspired by fashion magazines and is driven by the notion that her creations bring joy to people.  She recalls some of the most moving events she helped celebrate – the monthly celebration of a pregnancy for a couple that had a difficult time conceiving a child or a surprise birthday celebration for a husband battling cancer.


499 balloons is a project that Jihan is hosting and supporting.  The date has not yet been released.  A troop of honorary balloon troopers will assemble to distribute balloons all over LA.  Not everyone can afford a balloon and Jihan wants to deploy balloons to make people smile throughout the city that has been very good to her.  Want to be a part of it?  Send Jihan and email and become an honorary balloon trooper.

Jihan’s Wedding Words of Wisdom™ - be true to your interest and your style.  Learn to trust your instincts and go with your gut.  Choose your favorite color palette for your wedding day. 

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Jihan Zencirli

Master Balloon Trooper and Founder of Geronimo Balloons

Geronimon Balloons

425 275-3572


Geronimo! was founded by Certified Balloonatic and Master Balloon-Trooper, Jihan “Jihanimo” Zencirli, as a way to celebrate friends’ and families’ lives in her hometown of Seattle in 2010. On any given day, Jihan could be seen arriving to a restaurant, birthday party, friend’s home, park, art gallery, library or boutique with her balloons fastened to her 1974 (yellow with matching saddlebags and whitewall tires) French Moped, drawing attention and delight from every person she zipped past. Eventually “The Balloon Girl”, as she was soon known, decided that it was time she shared the bliss of balloons with people of Los Angeles. Jihan recently opened the doors to her Seaton Street Studio and Workshop in Los Angeles, where her spherical interests can be seen as an explosion and visual feast of fine ribbon, vintage millinery and hand cut paper fancy created exclusively and originally for every order, also offering party planning and event services!

Photography credit: Hak Lonh