Wedding Words of Wisdom

Let the Music Begin

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“Don’t miss it.  Don’t lose sight and track of your day, your special moment.  This unique group of people will probably not be in the same place and the same time again like this.  Let it go.  Hire people you trust.  Have a good time.  Don’t miss it.” – Scott Soluk

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Scott Soluk

Event DJ

Scott Soluk Music



A passion for the music is why Scott Soluk has been a disc jockey from the time he was sixteen years old. A wide range of experience including, nightclubs, college and professional radio, private and corporate events, gives him a comprehensive and well rounded background he brings to every event.

There is more to being a disc jockey than pushing buttons. Scott helps create an outline for the event, keeps the party on schedule, effortlessly handles unexpected and last minute adjustments, and works with all other vendors for a seamless and enjoyable event. The client can concentrate on spending time with their guests and enjoy the party.

Scott uses music to compliment an environment, to create a mood and atmosphere. What that atmosphere is depends on several factors, including the client needs, the type of event, the location, and the guests.
There is also a human element, an intangible feeling, a sense about an event and the guests that comes with experience. This along with a personal connection to the job and client helps Scott guide the party along.

What’s the message? Scott wants to educate his clients so they can make an informed decision. He wants them to understand the difference between a disc jockey with experience, passion, and knowledge, and a
button pusher.