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Capturing the Memories... In Film

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Filmmaking is all about story telling, and Dave Robin tells stories that move his clients to tears because of the emotion and the magic that he captures on film.  Dave has achieved many forms of recognition from his industry peers – the winner of 27 Creative Excellence Awards from the Wedding and Event Videographers Association; named one on the “Top 25 Hottest and Most Influential Event Filmmakers in the World” by Event DV Magazine, and the recipient of the Bob LeBar Vision Award for making innovative contributions to the development of the professional event video community.  Yet, Dave’s true reward is “a finished film that blows away my clients.”

Dave Robin Films is a boutique company with talented filmmakers that create artistry through cinematography.  They use the latest technology that enables them to create films of unparalleled quality, while staying virtually invisible during the event.  Dave Robin uses the same camera to shoot weddings as was used to film the season finale of House, M.D.

With a cinematic, contemporary style, combined with easy going personality and a good sense of humor, Dave believes that the three most important qualities of a top filmmaker are great personality,  talent as a storyteller and excellent service skills.

Dave’s words of wisdom – “It’s a great time to preserve memories – don’t let it go by and disappear” come from a very personal place, the most precious film that he owns, that of his parents’ wedding.  “To see my parents so young and vibrant, and my grandparents alive and vibrant, sends goose bumps and chills down my spine.  It increases in value a hundred-fold as time goes on.”

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David Robin

Event Film Maker

David Robin Films



I was born with a piece of Harrods stainless steel flatware in my mouth, and I scratched and clawed my way out of upper middle class Jewish suburbia of North London, England, to become the feared yet loved pariah that I am today. I produce award-winning event videos and travel the country educating my audience. It is not true that I performed covert operations for the MI6, and I think Phil Collins was a brilliant artist until he went solo”.

“I now play drums in a Steely Dan tribute band. I was the original drummer of Toyah. We were really big in England. I raise prize-winning terriers. I wrote, produced, shot and edited a documentary entitled “ProgFilm” which took me two years and led me all over the world, which I did for no money, financed by a lot of awesome brides and bar mitzvah moms. I pay my bills on time. I don’t perspire. I think smooth jazz is dishonest but sometimes necessary. I once hid from my parents in a pillar of the Acropolis”.

”I am a semi-accomplished speaker, a master collector, and an obsessed facebook junkie. I once spoke to an audience of 3000 and could not sleep the night before. I own many of Burt Bacharach’s instrumental recordings and periodically annoy the family by playing them at a high volume. I am awed by contemporary art, an investor in the hearts and minds of my clients, a rabblerousing innovator, and an inspiration for freedom fighters everywhere. Children and animals trust me”.

”But I have never directed a feature, although I will”.!-david robin.