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A Bride Gets What A Bride Wants - Kirstie Kelly goes "cost-couture"

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Kirstie Kelly's showroom in El Segundo, California provides the brides with a safe and comfortable place where women find fantastic service without the pressure.  Kirstie talks about her next collection, with her signature quiet details - more texture, hand-made flowers, pleating and draping.  The style is contemporary, architectural, yet romantic with fine beading and lace details. 

Kirstie Kelly has created wedding gowns in royal blue, misty green and pale pink.  But most brides prefer soft white.  For those that want to accent their look with a favorite color, Kirstie recommends color beading, sashes and fabulous shoes, such as Jimmy Choo's in gold.

Kirstie Kelly's wedding words of wisdom - Be true to yourself.  Don't worry about what others say.  If you love it, then it's the right gown.

Kirstie Kelly believes that the single most important factor in selecting the perfect wedding gown is to establish a connection with the gown designer and sales staff.  What sets Kirstie and her team apart is that they take the time to get to know the bride and understand the vision and the type of wedding that the bride has in mind.  Listening carefully, they select only the most fitting gowns.  At Kirstie Kelly's salon, brides are often surprised to find their dream wedding gown on the first try.

Kirstie reminds the bride to consider the type of gown that her groom would enjoy seeing her in.  After all, every bride would like to hear that gasp when her groom sees her for the first time on their wedding day.

Kirstie Kelly prides herself at designing the perfect gown for each body style and budget, with each gown being of uncompromising quality.  The Kirstie Kelly collection has sizes ranging from 0 to 36, with pricing from $1,000 to $15,000.

Kirstie Kelly is masterful at dressing the supporting actresses, the mother of the bride and groom.  Her designs give these important ladies the confidence to be the elegant and gracious hostesses on this most important occasion.

Watch the video of my visit at Kirstie's new showroom.

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Kirstie Kelly

Gown Designer

Kirstie Kelly Couture



Kirstie Kelly has always believed in the possibilities of fashion.  For decades, the designs of Kirstie Kelly have been world renowned in defining a style of both profound and original creations.  The constant, quiet details of a Kirstie Kelly design give rise to the discriminate mind of the designer’s commitment to elegant fashion.

Having spent her youth between varied European nations and the United States, Kirstie Kelly’s personal evolution led to the creation of designs that are both borderless and transcendental.  This exposure to the world’s most fashionable cultures heightened Kelly’s professional commitment to an atelier that embraces the romance of old world craftsmanship while keeping in harmony with the contemporary rhythm of today’s modern society.  A graduate of the Otis College of Art and Design, Kirstie Kelly’s designs reunite the timeless companions of both profound originality and grace.

Today’s collections by Kirstie Kelly breathe an authentic spirit into the life of couture design.  The ease of her creations are understatedly classic yet are designed with deliberate femininity.  She uses only the finest fabrics and couture factories from around the world.  The result, in turn, is simply a legacy of unparalleled style.