A Hummingbird and a nest… and a beautiful place…

A hummingbird symbolizes grace and cheerfulness… but to me there are more personal meanings of a hummingbird. They are small, yet very beautiful. They are careful where they nest and have such simple yet colorful tones to their small complicated bodies. They work very hard to move but never show the strength that it takes… I guess you could say that although they work so hard at using their wings to move, they always seem to float in the air effortlessly.

Bear with me while I take you on a journey….

A nest is a small, comfortable place…. One that is inviting and cozy and provides shelter and safety…..no other words needed….

There is a beautiful place called Hummingbird Nest Ranch. It is the essence of all that has been described above and more.

I have always said that when you bring an incredible team of talented individuals together, amazing things happen….. so with that said, I will begin to tell the story of my experience as an invited guest at one of the most special of industry events.

50 Shades of White was a spectacular evening for industry insiders… and I was so honored to be included on the guest list… to experience an evening planned, designed and orchestrated by an exceptional team of Wedding Industry professionals. (I will provide all of the credits later).


Obviously there was a reason for this incredible evening…. To showcase Hummingbird Nest Ranch as an all encompassing location for spectacular opportunities, photo shoots, movie production, business conferences and special events, but most importantly for Luxury Weddings… where privacy, comfort and style are most important. The magnificent grounds have been the host to many, but on this evening, it became the backdrop for a jaw dropping experience in an effort to present the best of so many others as well.

With all of that noted, take a look at the images (courtesy of Boone Studios) as they will say so much more than my words. Understand that this was an undertaking of great proportion, planned and designed within a very short timeframe…. Just think about the possibilities and then dream a little as it was so much more than imagination could provide!

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And the exceptional talent of those that made this special evening possible… with style, grace and incomparable professionalism………

The Teams from:
Hummingbird Nest Ranch
Four Seasons Westlake Village Catering
Bella Vita Events
XO Bloom
Luna Party Rentals
Fla De Dahs
A Rental Connection
John & Jopseph Photography
Boone Studios
Images By Lighting
Krieger Style
Vogue Candles
Beauty By Hidi
Party Shoppe Ave
Liese Gardner Communications
Socal Valet
Sandman Security
Kieu Hoang Wines

Thank you to the whole team!


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