This is not a dream


Villa Le Fontanelle Chapel“Going to the chapel
And we’re gonna get married
Going to the chapel
And we’re gonna get married…” and the rest is music to my ears.

I am not sure what type of Chapel the Dixie Cups had in mind when they recorded this hit song in the 60’s, but I am pretty certain that even they would be blown away by their walk to the chapel at Villa Le Fontanelle in Tuscany.  Moments at Villa Le FontanelleNestled in the hills overlooking Florence, Villa Le Fontanelle is a hidden jewel with history, elegance and a quiet charm.  When I learned that one of Italy’s most famous families, the Medicis owned this Villa in the 15th century, I couldn’t help but wonder what new adventures and stories await a couple that gets married in this incredible place.

Moments at Villa Le FontanelleSo, I came up with some ideas…You arrive at Villa Le Fontanelle several days before your wedding and quickly leave behind any stress, noise and rush of your modern-day life. Here, time has a different quality ideal for two people starting a new life.

Moments at Villa Le FontanelleYou sip Prosecco while relaxing in the tower, the highest point from which you can see Florence.

Moments at Villa Le FontanelleWith six suites at the Villa, the whole property is at your disposal, and you surround yourself with your closest family and friends.  The amazing staff pampers you and introduces you to Italians’ favorite entertainment – a candle-lit dinner with your family and friends, under the ancient oak trees, where each dish is more incredible than the last and the wine is endless.

Moments at Villa Le FontanelleOn the morning of your wedding, you take a leisurely stroll through the gardens and admire the quiet and effortless manner in which the details of your wedding celebration are coming together.  The crisp white linens, bunches of lavender and vases filled with peonies… you look up at the bell tower at the Chapel, which still houses its original bell and marvel at the history and the beauty surrounding you.  No, this is not a dream…it’s your dream wedding.

Moments at Villa Le Fontanelle

The Villa is ideal for an intimate wedding of 40 to 60 guests and a great place for you to start your honeymoon.  Whether you decide to explore other parts of Italy or head over to other nearby destinations, the spirit of Villa Le Fontanelle will be with you for the rest of your life.

Moments at Villa Le FontanelleIf a picture is worth a thousand words, Villa Le Fontanelle is worth a thousand dreams.

Can you see yourself here? Can you imagine creating memories with all the people you love? Do you want to have a different kind of wedding?

Just say “I do!”, and contact us… we can plan it all for you.

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