It is a wedding war out there!

It is a wedding war out there! Now that I have said that… there is a little known fact that most men rent their wedding day attire when they really should be purchasing.

Now for the war… Combatant Gentleman is the place for men to fight that war! that is.Screen Shot 2015-07-15 at 3.04.35 PM

So stick with me for a minute.

I am the first person to be concerned about customer service and taking care of business by taking care of those that do business with me. I rely on so many other people and professionals in my line of work… Wedding planning, design and coordination (a little self-promotion here. Just look at my web site:  I have set such high standards that most of the time, I can not believe that others have not done so also. It seems to me in that it’s ok in the “wedding world” to be mediocre.  Mediocre, as I see it, is the way of the world, and it is really difficult to find those individuals and companies that rise above it all to be exceptional.

Now back to wedding attire for men. It has been a long time since I have addressed the issue of men’s attire for weddings. Mainly because I have found that men’s wedding fashion has been so mediocre…and boring.  Most men feel that it is ok to just go out to the neighborhood tuxedo rental store (They shall remain nameless here so I do not ruffle feathers or tails) and choose a tuxedo off of the rack, try it on and pretend that it will fit and look great on their most important day. And then they do the same for the other men in the bridal party. Well, those rented tuxedos look just like…..  rented tuxedos. Ill fitting and not crisp or fresh… usually worn by many prior. There is a better way and finally, the better way has been made easy and affordable!

I met Kevin from Combatant Gentleman by chance, by being in the same place at the same time.  A bridal show of all places. I do not rent booths or work bridal shows as I find that once again, the services that show in this type of arena are mediocre. Not all of them, but many. So, at this particular bridal show, I noticed a booth with tuxedos and suits on display. This display was intriguing to me.  A small display by a little known company. The price points were unbelievably low (starting at $160.00 and up). I took a good look at the garments. High quality fabrics, luxury styling in keeping with the latest trends, and an incredibly friendly and knowledgeable person working the booth.  These elements came together for me and in an instant I was talking with Kevin… for quite a while to get to know him and the company.  I explained that I can not refer companies to my clients unless I have experienced  personally the products and services and that I would check the web site out and probably place an order.

Yesterday, I finally had time to get in touch… and why did I wait so long???  Really, all I needed to do was to google and go to the Groom’s Suite by clicking on “weddings”. Once I did, I found a complete web site with all of the services for men’s fashion that I needed to find.  I contacted Kevin and

Screen Shot 2015-07-15 at 1.58.12 PMrequested some additional information and today, I placed my order for not one, but two suits (at such reasonable pricing for the quality that I have already seen).  I received email notification that my suits shipped in the afternoon.

Final thoughts for now:  I am anticipating that if everything goes as planned, I will be referring many clients to this web site.

Less than 24 hours after I placed my order on line for two suits from

I just received my two suits each in their own garment bag, and packed in a black shipping box. I couldn’t wait to see how they fit and VOILA!  They fit perfectly… now to the tailor just to get the pants hemmed to the right length.  I will be wearing these as a very happy “Combatant Gentleman” while working at my client’s weddings.  I must say that I am completely happy with the service and the suits.  Combatant is exceptional!

weekend bagweekend bag 2P.S.  Look for their weekend Bag that will be back in stock in the fall… it would make a great gift for your groomsmen!

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