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There is plenty of talk in the wedding industry about finding the perfect dress for each bride, but what about finding the perfect outfit for each groom?  Nowadays, trendy men’s clothing is not just for fashion forward European Casanovas, but for the modern American man too.

Ryan Mundy, safety for the Pittsburgh Steelers, stole the show in a midnight blue tuxedo with black satin shawl lapel at his Pittsburgh wedding.

Ryan Mundy, safety for the Pittsburgh Steelers, stole the show in a midnight blue tuxedo with black satin shawl lapel at his Pittsburgh wedding.

From suits to pocket squares, department stores are not offering men the exclusivity they desire for these special moments.  Men want something that will make them stand out.  In short, men want custom.  Luckily, the men’s fashion industry has responded to these demands, giving way to a new group of Professional Clothiers.


Astor & Black, a custom clothier, believes that finding the ideal suit or tuxedo is equally as important as finding that beautiful dress for the couple’s special day.  From the rubberized waistband that keeps shirts tucked in to the 17 different jacket styles to choose from, Astor & Black offers the custom bespoke tailoring to design suits that complement one’s lifestyle.  Not only are these suits tailored to one’s size and style, but the clothiers at Astor & Black adjust their tailoring to accommodate any and as many accessories as a guy can have!

Astor&Black-name plateCustomers can choose their own fabric, add embroidery to the labels inside the jacket and pants, or even have a permanent pocket square sewn in the jacket’s front pocket.  This type of personalization will make any guy feel like a king when he puts his suit on.  Another practical aspect that the Astor & Black clothiers add in is sweat shields in the underarms of each jacket.  While this may not be the most glamorous part of the suit, it sure will come in handy during the summer heat or even during those nervous moments on a special day.

Astor&Black tuxIf my word is not enough, scores of professional athletes and celebrities flock to Astor & Black because they can design a suit for any shape, size, or desire.  Stars such as Drew Brees, Scott Disick, Kanye West, Channing Tatum, Bill Maher, and Cam Newton all rely on Astor & Black to create flawless suits.  As said on their website, Astor & Black believes that “it’s all about you.”

12Fold, an online pocket square company offers a monthly subscription to their limited edition custom pocket squares.  They pride themselves on exclusivity; each month’s pocket square is never reproduced or distributed to any retail stores.

12Fold 1

If you don’t get it right away, you may never see it again.  These pocket squares are a great way to spice up a suit and stand out from the crowd.  Pocket squares are a simple and effective way to add new colors, textures, and patterns to a wardrobe.  These accents act as an upgrade to one’s wardrobe.  In addition, 12Fold includes fashion tips to help pair each month’s pocket square with its ideal outfit and accessories.

12 fold 2After discovering 12Fold, I wanted to find out why they chose such a niche market: subscription pocket squares.  At first, I had trouble getting in contact with anyone from 12Fold, which was slightly frustrating, but after playing email tag, I finally got on the phone with Marcus, one of the owners.  When asked why this market, Marcus simply told me that he and his partners, Nate and Phil, wanted a better pocket square.  We had a great conversation about 12Fold’s future and I am excited to see how 12Fold will grow (both in notoriety and the items they design!).

12 Fold JulyMarcus was nice enough to send over July’s pocket square: a pale pink square trimmed in washed out aqua and accented with matching polka dots.  While these might not be the simplest colors to pair, 12Fold makes sure to guide their customers in the right direction by giving tips like “Pastels can bring out the prepster in you” and “pair this square with other summer essentials like loafers and a classic pair of shades.”  No matter how unique the square is, these practical tips help the stylish modern man incorporate it with a variety of wardrobes.

Companies like Astor & Black and 12Fold are opening doors to the world of custom formal wear and accessories.  And now, these services are not only for the elite celebrities, but for any man with an eye for style, some money to spend, and the desire to stand out.  Next time you need to stand out, think custom.

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