Dear Better Business Bureau – leave the wedding planning to us!

Dear Better Business Bureau,

We were delighted to see that you chose wedding planning as a topic of your recent blog.  We too believe passionately in doing business better.  To us that means giving our clients honest and well-founded information.  That is why we were compelled to respond to your blog post.



As a seasoned wedding planner, designer and coordinator, I feel that your article has done a huge disservice to Brides and Grooms and their families by misinforming them about the ways to manage their budgets when planning their weddings.  While there are certainly many ways to DIY a wedding, many of your suggestions are simply not realistic.  Case in point #1: While evites are simply easier and less expensive, often they go into spam and guests never receive them.  Additionally, not everyone has the capability of receiving the evite and some just do not use email.  Although a bride can be tech savvy, some still feel that the evite is a “rude” way to receive and invitation.

#2: Rental dresses and gowns are a good idea, however not always cost effective. In addition, renting can often turn into purchasing if the dress is overly stained, torn or otherwise damaged.

#3: A smart phone planner can never take the place of a human being.  It can never provide the same guidance, advice, and information that a qualified wedding planner / coordinator can, thus saving the bride and groom time and money.

#4: DJIY is really not an option for most. DJ’s are not paid by the hour. They are payed by the job and grouping of services that they provide.  They are able to understand a room full of guests and play the music that will keep everyone on the dance floor.  They MC the reception and a great DJ will be able to make the reception flow seamlessly. There are no apps that can do this.

#5:  Be your own florist… but choose your DIY projects carefully.  Have you ever delivered 15 floral centerpieces and set up a wedding arch?  It takes a team of designers hours to prepare and deliver and set up and strike at the end of the reception. Flowers are perishable. Getting them too early or too late for designing and installing can be a disaster for an unknowing bride and groom.  Consult the experts before deciding to take on the Flower DIY projects.

#6: Buyer Beware… why did the other bride and groom cancel their contract? Yes, one can buy “cheap” but often “cheap” becomes “expensive” to the unknowing Bride and Groom. Another reason to consult with a qualified wedding planner who can save time and money.

Katie, I realize that you are an intern at the BBB; however, I feel that this article was published without the advanced knowledge of what goes into planning, designing and coordinating a wedding.  In addition, you are misinforming your readers and advising that they not consider using professional wedding service providers, some of whom may even be members of the BBB in your area in an effort to save money.  Maybe another way is to inform your readers to consider working with wedding services that will work within any budget.


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2 Responses to Dear Better Business Bureau – leave the wedding planning to us!

  1. Excellent points Wayne!! We just had one of our brides take on a few DIY projects that interested her. One was creating a rhinestone wrap that was to be placed in the center of the sash bow. Sounded easy enough, but when we went to rent the remaining linens, our linen expert pointed out that she would need to sew in a velcro piece to hold them together. Our bride did not have a sewing machine, but had already bought several hundred dollars worth of rhinestone chainmail. Because we have such a great relationship with this vendor, she offered to buy that chainmail from our bride and she took that purchase off the cost of renting her items. Once again, just one area where a wedding planner can truly be a more cost effective addition to your wedding. We know who to work with, who will give you the best deal, and who is truly professional in this industry. If nothing else, this leads to peace of mind.

  2. admin says:

    Hi Wayne,

    My experience with my brides in the past, I am not a planner anymore, is that they don’t know who the really great cake bakers are, who the best florist is, where the best deals are. I am going to bet you know who is who in your area. And you want the special event to reflect the best they get.

    That is why we need you …

    Nancy Plomaritis
    By Nancy Plomaritis

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