Find of the Moment: Bride Box – The Right Tools to Create a Beautiful Photo Album

Photography is a must-have at any wedding; you want to remember and celebrate the most important day of your life in a beautiful way! But with the less than stellar economy and DIY on the rise, companies are popping up that take some of the not-so-easy professional services and make them DIY accessible. Bride Box is one of those companies, allowing brides to create their own wedding albums. Bride Box provides an affordable way to display your wedding photos and commemorate the Big Day.

Album-for-modern-bride      Anza-Wedding-Album

So what does it do? Based in Palo Alto, CA, Bride Box’s online store provides software for brides and grooms to upload and design their own photo albums. Why is this special? They provide a similar, though not identical, product line to that of a professional photographer. All you need is to upload the photos and to arrange them however you like. It’s perfect for creative brides and grooms who want more control in the process, or for couples who want additional wedding albums.

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How does this compare to other photo book companies, like Shutterfly or even Apple iPhoto? The answer is quality. Bride Box provides handcrafted albums with high quality pages and leather bound covers. They have a range of options, so you have plenty of different sizes and prices from which to choose. They also offer photo enlargements, guest books, and a personal favorite, canvas wrapped prints, which look great in any room as customized artwork. Bride Box also offers gift cards for that perfect wedding gift.


Here at Moments by Wayne, we know the importance of hiring a great photographer. It is a must! Every album should be created using professional quality images from a professional wedding photographer. DIY projects, especially aesthetically heavy ones like photo album layouts, are not for everyone. We think Bride Box would be great for people who have a knack for design, love the intricacies of the hands-on process, want to see a multitude of different options before choosing one, and for those who want the bragging rights of creating their own wedding album. However, if you want the best quality, most unique album, stick with your professional wedding photographer.

Bride-Box-Wedding-Photo-Album-Flush-Mount-Anza       Bridebox-wedding-album-main

Bride Box will definitely please a specific niche of brides and grooms. The website is easy to navigate, with plenty of examples of exactly what they offer. Bride Box takes a potentially confusing and tricky aspect of your wedding and creates an easy and creative process to ensure that your wedding album turns out exactly how you want it.

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