A Gown Fit for a Princess

Valencienne GownIt always starts with an idea, a vision, a dream, a fantasy, a feeling.  Every woman experiences that hard-to-describe emotion when talking about her wedding gown.

Valencienne Bridal Gown SketchesPictures are worth a thousand words, they say, and Kim Ironmonger couldn’t agree more. Kim is the creative force behind Valencienne, a boutique of bespoke luxury.  “Bespoke” is a British English word that means an item of clothing made to the buyer’s specifications – personalized and tailored.  Every gown starts with a sketch and so begins a creative collaboration between the designer and the client.  The process of design and creation is just as magnificent as the end result.

In a world of instant creativity, lightning-speed production and global manufacturing, there is something magical about walking through the doors of Valencienne.  Located in the heart of fashion-forward Toronto, the boutique has the atmosphere of tranquility and beauty.  Do you remember the last time you had a piece of clothing made just for you?  If you are like most modern women, chances are that you’ve never had the pleasure of this experience.  So, go ahead and indulge yourself – bring out your inner princess and the staff at Valencienne will certainly treat you like royalty.

Valencienne Bridal Gown

Today’s bespoke luxury is quite versatile and Valencienne sources luxurious beads, lace and silks from all over the globe.

Valencienne Bridal Gown 2Still, the old-world tradition of personalized and tailored clothing remains and the result is simply stunning.  What makes the bespoke wedding gown so special?  You have a world-class gown designer create sketches based on your wishes; you select from the most luxurious fabrics, lace and beading; every inch of your body is carefully considered and your comfort is of utmost importance.

Not enough?  Your gown is hand made in the workroom at the back of the bridal salon by talented seamstresses who rejoice when they see the look of pure bliss on your face.   That’s when it hits you – you are in fact, a princess.

Valencienne Bridal Gown

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