Hero of the Moment: Men’s Wearhouse Saves the Day!

“Build a Tux, Your Tux – just the way you want it!”  That’s what the Men’s Wearhouse Tuxedo Rental page claims.  It’s fun – you get to pick your favorite model and dress him up with a mere click of your mouse.  Only if real life was so simple and fun!  Well, on Sunday, Men’s Wearhouse proved that real life can be that simple, and it was not a second too soon….

“You are going to like the way you look. We guarantee it.”

The Bride and Groom were just finishing getting dressed for their long-anticipated wedding at Casa Del Mar in Santa Monica.  I love the thrill of anticipation, just before the Bride and Groom see each other for the first time on their wedding day – always exciting, always emotional.  The call that I got from the Groom was emotional allright, but not at all what I expected.  Help!  One of the groom’s men just discovered that the tuxedo shirt did not make it into the garment bag at the store.   And by the way, he had picked up his tux at the Men’s Wearhouse in Mission Viejo, 65 miles and hours of driving away from Santa Monica!

Going back to Mission Viejo was clearly out of the question, but even the Santa Monica store was not close enough – there just wasn’t enough time for the round trip.  The bridal party was already assembling for pictures and the wedding ceremony was just around the corner.  I got on the phone and asked to speak with the Manager of the Santa Monica store.  “I understand that you don’t do deliveries, but we have a special situation here.”  That’s where the Men’s Wearhouse Assistant Manager turned out to be a hero – “Yes, I understand your predicament and I will send someone with the tux shirt, in the right size, right away!”

What happened next was a relay race deserving of an Olympic gold – the sales person from Men’s Wearhouse rushing the shirt to the valet in front of the hotel, the groom’s man putting on the shirt as he raced toward the ballroom, with me cheering him along.  Well,  you get the picture.  Men’s Wearhouse saved the day!   Of course they did, because everybody knows what George Zimmer, the founder and CEO promises: “You are going to like the way you look.  We guarantee it.”  In our case, the look that we liked included a tux shirt.

Thank you, Olga at the Mission Viejo store and Robert Lares at the Santa Monica store for saving the day.  And thank you Mr. Zimmer for inspiring your employees to be  heroes.

Wedding planning tip:  please ask your grooms men to make sure everything they need is in the garment bag before they leave the tux rental store.  And don’t forget to  check out Men’s Wearhouse for tuxedo rentals.  They take their guarantee very seriously!


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