Find of the Moment: Rain, Rain, Go Away!

It rained in Los Angeles last weekend – hard to believe!  It never rains is Southern California, certainly not in August, and yet….

Photo by Heather Kincaid 

Ever heard of a company that provides exact weather forecasts for your wedding so that most of the weather related challenges can be handled ahead of time? Most likely your answer is no, and so was ours until we ran across Precision Weather Service.

Precision Weather Service caught our eye because they handle everything weather related for you ahead of time.   And let’s face it, the surprise rain made us appreciate this service even more!   The company offers reasonable rates for the amazing service that forecasts the weather for your specific event based on the precise date, time, and location. Their team works around the clock 7-10 days leading up to your event to provide you with every detail of the weather on your wedding day.

We were shocked to find out how reasonably priced Precision Weather service is, ranging from $160-$295.  This was particularly impressive once we learned the scale of  events they have been used for to anticipate the weather conditions.  With more than 35 years experience, they have a wide range of clients and events including the Oscars, Reese Witherspoon’s Wedding, the Hollywood Movie Industry Premieres and many more. Who wouldn’t want their event treated just like all the big red carpet events? Now, that would make anyone feel like a star on their wedding day!

Unlike news stations, The Weather Channel or the internet, PWS zeroes in on YOU. Think about how big the city of LA actually is and how broad those other forecasts are relative to its size. Now think about being able to monitor your exact wedding location to the precise latitude and longitude…that’s the difference that PWS offers. It is like having your own personal forecasting assistant by your side 24 hours a day; and to make it even better, they were so easy to work with too!

This is such a unique concept, especially with such unpredictable weather patterns these days. No more having to move your wedding indoors a few hours before guest arrival or losing major amounts of money on cancellations. Need to rent a tent ahead of time?  You will know more than a day in advance.

For all those challenges trying to anticipate what the weather will do on your wedding day, PWS can help by giving you reliable information while you still have time to react. Everyone knows in this business all the unexpected situations that can arise, so anything that will help make things easier is worth looking in to… which is precisely what we did.

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