Wayne Gurnick presents Grace Ormonde with American Institute of Floral Designers Merit Award

It was an honor to present my friend, Grace Ormonde of Grace Ormonde Wedding Style, with the 2012 AIFD Award of Merit – Non-industry, at AIFD Symposium in Miami on July 14.
Congratulations, Grace and the team at Grace Ormonde Wedding Style!

American Institute of Floral Designers (AIFD) is the organization dedicated to promoting the art of floral design as a professional career.

Grace Ormonde and Wayne Gurnick AIFD at Symposium in Miami July 2012

It is our love of flowers and design that inspires us.  And it’s that love that drives us to engage others to appreciate and enjoy floral design.   The recipient of the AIFD Award of Merit – Non-Industry once said  “Ultimately, our ability to dream is what motivates us, and our ability to love is what sustains us.”   Inspired by the childhood memories of the Atlantic Ocean’s deep blue and the vastness of life’s opportunities, our honoree celebrates love, commitment, diversity, trust  and ceremony through creative presentation.

Grace’s signature look: extra-ordinary bouquets held by male models

Born in the Azores Islands, our honoree remembers fondly when her father carried her from the hilltop of her modest home to the edge of the lava cliffs to take in the breathtaking views.  Her family immigrated to the US when she was eight.  She was raised with the belief that anything is possible.  At sixteen, she started working at an engraving boutique in Providence, Rhode Island.  She formulated her sense of style and fell into weddings by accident.  While helping a client to plan her wedding, our honoree realized that there was no comprehensive resource for planning a wedding.  She created a bridal exhibition and ten years and ten shows later, launched  (pause)  Grace Ormonde Wedding Style magazine.  Today, it is a luxury bridal publication distributed throughout the US and abroad.  On the pages of this incredible magazine,  floral design and artistry takes center stage along with couture fashions and other wedding inspiration.  Grace Ormonde Wedding Style prominently features the work of AIFD designers and educates its readers about the highest standard of professional floral design.

Table top design by Wayne Gurnick AIFD for Grace Ormonde Wedding Style

I had the honor of meeting Grace over ten years ago and was moved by her commitment to creative and inspiring design.  Our two worlds were perfectly suited for a happy “marriage” of floral design and weddings.  So, I invited her to join me at the national Symposium  in 2004 in New York.  Having built an enviable reputation in the wedding industry for creating platforms for wedding specialists to showcase their products and services,  Grace had to see first hand the work of AIFD’s talented and accomplished floral artists.  I explained to her how her perspective would be dramatically changed by what she would experience.  Picking her up from Rhode Island, we spent our time discussing creative inspiration, design and flowers.

When Grace Ormonde stepped into our world that evening, she gasped, and I remember her words vividly:  “Oh my God, I wish I had my photographer here!” That experience enriched Grace’s perspective and she continues to celebrate floral artistry through her nationally acclaimed  publication, Grace Ormonde Wedding Style.

Her book published in 2010 showcases the most memorable images and inspiring designs.  As the cover suggests,  “Being in love never goes out of style” and I find new ideas and inspiration every time I look at it.  But the real thrill is to watch the eyes of the brides and grooms light up as they whisper to me “This is more than just flowers, this is art!”

On behalf of AIFD, it is with great pleasure and pride that I present the award of merit – non industry to Grace Ormonde Wedding Style magazine and Grace Ormonde.

“Les Saisons des fleur de Mariage” by Ian Prosser AIFD and Grace Ormonde at AIFD Symposium 2012

Many more incredible images from “Les Saisons des fleur de Mariage”.


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