Tips for your food tasting

Yesterday, I had the pleasure of visiting one of my favorite Los Angeles venues, The Skirball Cultural Center.  My clients Jenny and Alan will be married there in August and we were attending the food tasting.

Food tasting is an important step in the wedding planning process.  Presentation is just as important as flavor and taste.

I really like The Skirball’s approach.  Once a quarter they invite their clients to attend a group tasting.  With over 120 people participating, The Skirball put on quite a presentation.  Not only are clients treated to a sampling of menu options, but they also get to see how the tables are set up and the dishes presented.

Being there reminded me why I enjoy working at The Skirball – the staff are professional and attentive.  They are friendly and take to heart the fact that they are an important link in the chain that helps create a memorable event for their clients.

Tips for your food tasting.  Whether your venue does a group tasting or the more traditional individual tasting, here are my top tips:

  1. Pay close attention to the presentation of the food, not just the taste.  The visual appeal is such a big part of the experience!
  2. Savor the food, really concentrate on each bite and enjoy the process!
  3. Don’t be afraid to ask for suggestions about different options for side dishes, garnishes and other presentation details.  Think about color!
  4. Keep an open mind – you should love the food, but remember that you are tasting on behalf of all your guests and it’s important to make selections that would be suitable for them.
  5. Investigate the vegetarian option and make it a creative one.
  6. For your buffet table, ask to include tastefully designed cards with the description of each dish served – it’s a nice touch for your guests.
  7. If you are at a group tasting, the catering director will not be able to spend much time discussing the details with you – take notes and discuss the details with your catering contact soon after the tasting.
  8. Take pictures of the dishes presented, so that you remember the details and include them in your wedding planning scrap book.
  9. Be gracious and kind to the staff – they work hard and will appreciate and remember your kindness on your wedding day.


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