Find of the Moment: These bonbons will dazzle your guests

There are many reasons to love Bedazzle My Bonbons.  It’s particularly entertaining to watch people’s reaction as they circle the dessert table trying to figure out what to do about the curiously brilliant and sparkly tiny spheres that look more like they belong in a jewelry box.  “Hmmm….wonder how I peel these….I really want one but I just don’t know…Is it edible?”  Good enough to be on candid camera!

Another fun thing about Bedazzle My Bonbons is that they leave incriminating evidence in plain view on one’s face.  “No, it wasn’t me!  I did not eat the whole plate of bonbons!  It must have been the dog!”  Who are you kidding??  You’ve got glitter all over your face!

We also love Bedazzle My Bonbons because of the variety of bright colors to choose from as well as great flavors like raspberry, hazelnut, peanut butter or mint.

These bonbons are the perfect accent on a dessert buffet or a candy bar.  Another clever idea is to place one or two at each place setting.  But then again, getting a box of these chocolate dazzlers sent to your office or home would be very nice, too!  Hostess gift, “I love you so much” gift, “I am sorry I forgot our anniversary” gift, “I love your smile” gift….Here is another idea for gentlemen looking for a clever proposal.  Place the engagement ring inside a box of Bedazzle My Bonbons and watch the sparkle reflect in your bride’s eyes!

The possibilities are endless.  The thoughtful people at Dazzle My Bonbons have packaging that can be personalized.  You can be a rock star with so little effort!

When you order in bulk, you have a choice of bonbons in a foil cup, without a foil cup OR  on a 3 inch stick!  Truly, a decorator’s dream.  At a recent event, we added purple bonbons to the mini cupcake bar as well as the candy buffet.  Oh what fun!

One final tip – if you ordering bulk bonbons for your wedding or another celebration, make sure to add 12 more to the count and set them aside for your own personal treat.  Because if you are counting on left-overs, you will be terribly disappointed.  There won’t be any!

Moments by Wayne Photos by James Campbell

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