Find of the Moment: PortaPocket to the Rescue!

Every woman has experienced the dreadful “I have nowhere to put this!” moment. Unless you’re lucky enough to have found a dress with pockets, keeping belongings on you without a bag is a challenge. So if stuffing lipstick, money, ID or any necessity down your bra is familiar to you, read on.

Whether you’re a bride, bridesmaid, hiker, traveler, or just want to have fun without being bogged down by a purse, PortaPocket will be your new favorite accessory.

So what is it?

PortaPocket is an easy-to-use, lightweight (and very discreet) accessory to hold your on-the-go essentials.  With an adjustable Velcro strap and mounted pocket, you can wear it almost anywhere on your body.  The pockets are interchangeable with the straps, making it convenient to use the appropriate size for every need. Plus it’s water resistant – perfect for a serious workout. Thigh, ankle, arm, or waist…you will be able to keep your essentials close to you.

Some great ways to use PortaPocket:

-Travel: Keep your passport, ID, credit cards, cash and hotel keys safe! You can keep them discreet and easily accessible. We are thinking honeymoon!


-Weddings: Brides and bridal party! This one is for you. Keep your things with you under your beautiful gown. It’ll be our little secret. This could also be a great gift for your bridal party!  And for you, wedding professionals! PortaPocket works well under your work clothes. No need to stow away your important belongings in a “safe place” while working at an event – PortaPocket to the rescue!

-Medical Assistance: Keeping your inhaler, EpiPen, and Diabetes monitor close to you for any emergency is easy with PortaPocket.

PortaPocket comes in black and nude, and even has  “bling” option –  perfect for any occasion.

This ingenious item comes in packs and is  extremely affordable at less than $25. Customize your fit and the perfect pocket size for your needs. PortaPockets can be found online, and also in a retail shop near you. Check out the list here to see where you can find this fabulous new accessory.

“Lose the worry…..not your stuff!”

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