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Find of the Moment: These bonbons will dazzle your guests

There are many reasons to love Bedazzle My Bonbons.  It’s particularly entertaining to watch people’s reaction as they circle the dessert table trying to figure out what to do about the curiously brilliant and sparkly tiny spheres that look more … Continue reading

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Gracious Wedding Hosting

As I was sipping my morning coffee today, a Los Angeles Times headline caught my eye – “This bride takes the low road.”  Intrigued, I read today’s installment of Ask Amy (see article below). Amy Dickinson highlighted an aspect of … Continue reading

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Find of the Moment : the perfect spring wedding flower – Viburnum

When you look like this, you really don’t need much of an introduction.  Viburnum is the joy of spring – a woody hedge that bursts with the most amazing round puffs of blooms almost overnight.  If you are into gardening, … Continue reading

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Confessions of a Wedding Planner: It’s more than “Idol” curiosity

My name is Wayne Gurnick and I have been hooked on American Idol for some time.  When we recently switched cable providers, a feeling of sheer terror came over us at the prospect of messing up the recorded shows. That’s … Continue reading

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The SLS Hotel at Beverly Hills | Style, Luxury and Service….Why Not Wedding?

I’ve been to the SLS Hotel, mostly to browse the unexpected decor and to mingle with the hip crowd that lines up on a nightly basis to experience the magic of José Andrés at The Bazaar Restaurant.  Yesterday, I came for … Continue reading

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Find of the Moment: PortaPocket to the Rescue!

Every woman has experienced the dreadful “I have nowhere to put this!” moment. Unless you’re lucky enough to have found a dress with pockets, keeping belongings on you without a bag is a challenge. So if stuffing lipstick, money, ID … Continue reading

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Find of the Moment : Colors of Spring Alive and Well in Downtown LA

Today was the first day of spring break, a fine day to get out in search of fun new experiences, tastes, sights and of course….inspiration.  We had such an amazing time exploring the Downtown LA area on our recent Six … Continue reading

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