Table Numbers: The One, Two and Three…

Wood Block Numbers by Lizzie and Company

Today’s wedding trend has the bride paying attention to every detail.  So, it is no surprise that the options are limitless for table numbers.  Once a simple utilitarian object on the table, today’s table numbers are a creative expression to show that every detail was addressed.



There are so many great ways to transform table numbers into an object of creativity and fun, fitting in with your overall theme.  We’d like to share some unique table numbers ideas that we love.

Wooden Block Table Number by Bubblewrapp'd

Vintage Inspired Wood Blocks by Lizzie & Company and  Bubble Wrapp’d below. The block of wood is solid and will even stand up in the wind, which may be important if your reception is outdoors.  They are available in custom colors.


Chalkboard  by Let’s Talk Chalk.  For a casual look, simply write the table numbers by hand.  For use with regular chalk, sidewalk chalk, or non-toxic chalkboard markers.  Contact them for custom shapes and sizes.

Chalkboard Table Number by LetsTalkChalk

Wine Bottle Stickers: great for a winery wedding and for couples who care about being green.  You can use recycled wine  bottles and personalize them with labels by Creative Crabbe.

Wine Bottle Stickers as Table Numbers

After the wedding, these bottles can live on as borders in your garden or even be transformed into candle holders or light fixtures.  How’s that for multi-functional!

Antique Wine Bottle Candelabra

Crystal Place Card Holders are great for a delicate, feminine look.  Be sure to use a small card because these holders can topple easily and are best when used with a 4X5 inch light stock paper such as Appleberryink.

Crystal Table Number Holder from SaveOnCrafts

There is also another alternative – skip the table number, and make each table a symbol or color.  One example is mini cakes as centerpieces with specific cake topper at each table. For a recent wedding at Shutters on the Beach in Santa Monica, our bride used symbols such as diamond ring, tea cup, key, etc. that had unique and special meaning to the couple.  Great for theme weddings!


Another idea is to use the enormous 36″ balloons in different colors, created by Jihan Zencirli, The Master Balloon Trooper.  The advantage is that the centerpiece also serves as a table designation, a cost saving move.

Whatever table number options you select, here is a tip for doing guest seating in a fast, and easy way:

  1. Write down the name of each couple or single guest onto an index card.
  2. Make groupings of 8-12 people, each grouping representing a table.
  3. Move the cards around until you have found the perfect arrangement to make your guests comfortable.
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