Find of the Moment : Alternative Bridal Bouquets – Don’t Say ACHOO instead of I DO.

“Do you take this man to be your husband?”  Ahhh-CHOOOO.

Blue Petyl Brooch Bouquet

Flowers are beautiful, smell great, and add wonderful decoration. But those who have allergies know how frustrating flowers can be.  So how can you prevent the sniffles while still having a beautiful wedding?

Blue Petyl has just the answer – alternative bouquets.  We looked into this option for a Moments bride who does in fact have severe allergies.  What we learned is that brooch, button and fabric bouquets have so much to offer that brides are using this alternative for many other reasons.  Button and brooch bouquets are gaining popularity because of the flexibility and novelty that they offer.  Blue Petyl has developed a process that ensures that the final product is exactly what the bride had envisioned.  They do this by starting with a wide assortment of reference designs to select from. Next, a bride can customize the color palette.  Photos and sketches are emailed back and forth to ensure correct interpretation.  And finally, because these bouquets are not perishable and can be completed well ahead of time, there is always time to make adjustments, if necessary.

Made of delicate silk fabrics, brooches, and buttons, Blue Petyl bouquets, boutonnieres and corsages are beautiful hand-created pieces of art.  Based in San Diego, husband and wife Joe and Wini wanted to step outside the box and follow their dreams of uniting their individual talents into one great project.  In this journey together, they developed and opened Blue Petyl in 2010.  We salute other husband and wife teams!

From customized orders, to a variety of colors, Blue Petyl offers great ways to personalize your bouquet and other adornments.  Using non-perishable materials, they can even get much closer to your wedding colors as compared to most fresh flowers. With continuous communication between you and the designer, you will be able to perfect the look you envisioned. Want to incorporate a family heirloom or an object of special meaning in your bouquet or corsage? Blue Petyl will be happy to “arrange” that – that’s the fun part!

Blue Petyl Hydrangea Bouquet

Bouquets are priced from $125 to $500 and up, depending on the size and materials.  The brooch bouquets range from 6-8 inches wide, and silk flower bouquets up to 10 inches, like the Hydrangea Bouquet.  It’s recommended to keep the brooch bouquet smaller because of the weight of the materials. The designers at Blue Petyl are always imagining and creating new designs, such as the newly featured Cascading Bouquet.  What’s the most unexpected request from brides?  Joe has been surprised by the popularity of  the “steampunk” look, in the genre of science fiction, fantasy, alternate history.

Blue Petyl Cascading Bouquet

Custom orders only take about 2 to 4 weeks to produce and ship. And for those last minute needs, the company offers “Ready to Ship” products that can be in your hands in just one week.  Because Blue Petyl has a design studio with three designers, they have an amazingly quick turn around.  Another advantage, according to Joe, is that “with fresh flowers brides normally have to wait until the day of the wedding to see what they are actually getting….  With our bouquets, we can have them delivered well before the wedding, which allows the bride to focus her attention on other matters in the days before her big day, and hopefully can help reduce the anxiety a bit.”  Our bride received her bouquet at least two months ahead of time and decided to change one aspect of it, which Blue Petyl happily accommodated, with plenty of time to spare.

Our tip – after the wedding, place your bouquet into a beautiful shadow box for a stunning keepsake from your wedding day.

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