Ideas for Holiday Table Decor – Easy, Affordable and Fun!


Holiday time at our house is marked with lots of fun gatherings and of course great food.  The inspiration for the Kiss Me For Christmas table centerpiece came from everyone’s favorite –  Hershey’s chocolate kisses.  Not only does is look festive, but it’s edible, too!  Home baked chocolate cake, two-layers with white frosting and an explosion of chocolate kisses – not even sure that you need mistletoe, with this treat on your table!  For extra impact, place it on a pedestal – I used a colorful holiday ornament from Target, set on top of a bright red tablecloth.

Sometimes, inspiration comes from surprising places.  What do you think about this tablecloth?

Holiday decor centerpiece - A Color-filled Ball

The minute I saw this fabric, I was hooked!  So what if it’s a shower curtain?  Another great find from Target, for under $10.  The holiday wreath made the colorful circles on the fabric really pop.  You can assemble this centerpiece in minutes and it’s not perishable, so it will look great throughout the holidays.

Another favorite is a fresh Hydrangea plant from Trader Joe’s.  Keep it simple by placing the plant into a colorful gift bag.  Don’t forget to water it every few days and it will grow!  After the holidays are over, you can plant it in your garden and enjoy the beautiful blooms – it’s a centerpiece that keeps giving!  Think green.

Holiday decor with colorful duct tape and shower curtain

From shower curtain inspiration, I moved right into…..what else but duct tape!  Right there in the hardware section of Target, it was waiting for me – the perfect color match to my assembly of holiday decor.  It transforms ordinary drinking glasses into festive specialty decor and makes really fun napkin ties.

Picture Perfect Centerpiece

For a more traditional and formal look, I created the Picture Perfect Centerpiece.   The inspiration here is an old picture frame I found at a garage sale.  Spray-painted in silver, with a remnant of a beautiful burgundy fabric from another DIY project, I transformed this frame into an elegant tray for my centerpiece.  You probably already know that I am a huge fan of cut flowers from Trader Joe’s market.  They are so fresh, affordable and convenient – just pick up a few bunches while you do your grocery shopping.  My tip is to always have an assortment of simple small clear glass containers around, so that all you have to do is trim the stems and voila – an elegant arrangement for your holiday table.  Don’t be afraid to mix in any greenery that you can find growing in your garden.  Small green ivy is just perfect for the holidays.

And just in case you didn’t believe me……here are some of my raw materials.

Holiday decor supplies from Target

Have a happy holiday season full of color and inspiration!

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