Find of the Moment: Freshly Roasted Coffee for Aromatic Wedding Favors

Think “milkman”, but caffeinated. Then think “coffee shop” but in your living room.
That’s how Jennie-Mae describes her unique coffee roasting and delivery business.  We are so accustomed to buying our coffee in large quantities from discount warehouses or supermarkets, that the idea of freshly roasted coffee beans wrapped in plain brown paper tied with twine makes us think of the long-gone  good old days when things were real and simple.  If you are planning a wedding with the same idea – real and simple, then you are going to love the  Coffee Wedding Favors from Apropos Roasters.

Fresh Roasted Coffee Beans Make Aromatic Wedding Favors

Apropos Roasters carefully selects the best gourmet beans in keeping with fair trade practices and roasts them in small quantities to preserve the freshness and flavor of coffee.  The packaging is so fitting with their philosophy and makes a great statement.  If you believe that giving a gift is an opportunity to make a personal statement, giving a gift of coffee beans from Apropos Roasters will sound something like this…..”So thoughtful!”…”How clever!”…”Thanks for introducing us to a different coffee experience!”

Apropos Roasters offers wedding favors in quantities of 20 or 30 and includes a personalized stamp, which you can use for so many future projects.  We recommend personalizing the coffee with your names, but skipping the wedding date – that way you’ll have a stamp that you can use for years to come.  Apropos offers a wide selection of ribbons so that you can tie in your wedding colors into the favors.  All you need to do is place your order a month before the wedding!

Your guests are guaranteed to be impressed by your care and thoughtfulness.  And if you are a real coffee lover, you just might make a new tradition of your own by sending freshly roasted coffee beans along with your holiday greeting every year.  Who wouldn’t love such a gift?

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