Wedding Planning Timeline – Last Minute Reminders

As your wedding planning timeline nears its end, I bet you’d like a good surprise; who wouldn’t?  I would like to surprise you with last minute reminders before your wedding by giving you tips and ideas that you probably wouldn’t expect from a wedding planner. 

  1. Surprise your fiancé with a picnic lunch the day before your out-of-town guests start arriving.  Get away to a quiet romantic place where you can reconnect and share a calm meal before all the excitement kicks into high gear.  You can create a romantic moment anywhere, even at the local coffee house next to your office –  grab linen napkins, a bunch of flowers or anything that makes you feel extravagant.  The romance comes from the two of you being together!
  2. Wear a simple bridal veil in your hair anytime you go out during the week leading up to your wedding.  Or make it a tiara, if you like – let out that inner princess.  Bask in the attention and the good wishes that you will certainly receive.
  3. Watch your favorite romantic comedy and laugh and cry out loud together.
  4. Invite your bridal party over for no other reason than to share a glass of wine with them.
  5. Take a bubble bath.
  6. Place a box of chocolates on your fiancé’s pillow.
  7. Call your Mom and Dad and tell them how much you love them.
  8. Call your future parents in law and let them know how excited you are about your two families coming together.
  9. Ask your grandmother or your favorite aunt about her most cherished memory from her wedding day.
  10. Buy yourself a bunch of flowers.  Any time you start feeling anxious about the details of wedding planning, just take a minute to focus on the beauty of your bunch of flowers.
  11. Turn off your cell phone…..for as long as you can possibly handle, even an hour.  Repeat.
In Part 2 of this blog, I will share the more expected tips – all the last minute wedding planning reminders.
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