Find of the Moment – Geronimo Balloons and Jihan, the Master Balloon Trooper

When we set out looking for a new Find of the Moment, we never know where it might lead us.  This time we found much more than we bargained for! When we recently visited Jihan Zencirli to learn more about her balloon business, Geronimo Balloons, we were instantly captivated by Jihan herself. Before we ever saw any of her magical 36-inch balloons, we got to meet the artist herself – a great storyteller, imaginative designer and, most importantly, a genuine, affectionate human being. We soon learned about the deep influence that Jihan’s grandmother had played in her life, about her passion for making people happy, and how she came to call herself the Master Balloon Trooper.

After arriving in LA just a few months ago, Jihan recently opened her studio in a bright and interesting loft in Downtown LA, a space that exudes style and creativity. Here is where we met our first “Geronimo” Balloon and finally understood what all the excitement is about. These giant balloons require 14 cubic feet of air to fill, which is equivalent of over 30 regular balloons. And if you get around 30 of these unusually large balloons together, you’ll have enough helium to lift an adult – up, up and away! Jihan hasn’t tried this yet herself and wouldn’t advise this without special precautions. But she’s working with a bride who is planning just such a lift immediately after the ceremony. In addition to their size, the balloons are distinguished by the handmade frills and embellishments that Jihan designs for each of her creations.

Jihan’s balloons make a very unique statement as a gift delivered to someone special for an occasion worthy of special celebration or just to brighten someone’s day. Note to grooms-to-be… you might even use some for an exciting proposal! They also make a fantastic décor element for weddings and events – grouped together these elegant giants make a spectacular statement.

Jihan assured us that it’s easy to become a balloon trooper. A few days after our visit, we opened up the Geronimo Balloon box and easily followed the five simple steps that it took to bring our balloon to life. We are now part of the balloon troopers! It was magical indeed, and we named our balloon Fun Friday because of the pure joy that we experienced from our balloon. By the way, Fun Friday lasted well beyond Friday….

Watch this video to see how it works!


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