Second Wedding Dresses – Why You Should Consider Changing Into A Less Formal Dress For Your Reception

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When you hear the phrase, “Let me change into something more comfortable,” your mind may race to after the wedding. But why wait until after the wedding to get comfortable?! Brides have recently decided they don’t want to wait and second wedding dresses are becoming a growing trend. Every bride loves her wedding gown and it should make her feel like the princess she is, but, wedding gowns are not always comfortable or appropriate for the celebration that follows the ceremony.

Second wedding dresses? Yes! It’s a great way to keep your wedding celebration rocking all night long. Think about it, the whole event revolves around you and your new husband, so every cue is taken from you. If guests see that you’re changing into a party dress, they’ll know that it’s time to start the party!

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A wardrobe change is the perfect way for a bride to really show off her personality and make the reception an event that the bride as well as the guests will remember forever. A second wedding dress allows you to shed the confines of a formal and sometimes cumbersome dress for a more playful and comfortable party dress while remaining the center of attention. A formal white gown is perfect for your debut down the aisle, but maybe you’re more of a fire engine red dress kind of gal – this is the time to show it!

There are also classic versions of the second wedding dress. Maybe you want to stick to white, but just go with something a little shorter to dance in. Whether you’re walking down the aisle or dancing to “Shout!” with your bridesmaids, your dress should always make a statement about you.

Trends in dancing are another great reason to go for a wedding dress change. Can you imagine trying to salsa or cha-cha in a mermaid-style wedding gown? Neither can I! Not only can you incorporate a dress style to match your dance, but you’ll also be able to “dance like crazy!” A recent Moments bride had three outfits for her wedding day – her traditional gown, a short reception dress and a belly-dancing outfit for the surprise performance for her groom! This is a perfect example of tying your theme and dance into your dress.

So, cut that cake early, and show your guests you’re ready to celebrate all night long!

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