Newlywed Advice from a Moments Couple: Dance Like Crazy!

As you begin planning for your wedding, it helps to know there are couples who have been through the exciting process and can give you helpful pointers. About a year after saying their vows, Jacqueline and Judah are the go-to couple for this newlywed advice.

The couple started out thinking they had a pretty good idea of the kind of wedding they wanted. “Judah and I had envisioned a small, kind of private, intimate wedding with just our very closest friends and family,” Jacqueline says.

However, the more they considered the traditions of each family, the more their wedding vision shifted. While their small affair turned into a much larger party, they maintained the non-traditional touches to make sure their wedding day was one of a kind, just like them.

The bride had many ideas and the groom was much more involved in the planning process than most grooms are. Their teamwork approach made choosing vendors and making decisions about colors much easier. In fact, Judah’s newlywed advice revolves around this very concept.

“The most important thing you can do,” Judah says, “is get all of the decision-makers in one room. Have a general discussion about what the game plan is.”

This prepared couple had many details planned out but knew it was still important to work with a wedding planner to execute their vision. They strongly suggest that couples are active in the decision making, but don’t take it all on themselves. Hire a wedding planner to help you organize, tweak and realize your vision so that you can better enjoy the process.

Luckily, I had an instant connection with not only Jacqueline and Judah, but their families as well, and was able to take their vision and turn it into the day they envisioned.

Jacqueline and Judah have even more advice – stay tuned to our next post to find out more of their wedding planning info and what my very favorite piece of advice of theirs is! Can’t wait for more? Check out the behind-the-scenes video and pictures of their wedding day!

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