Newlywed Advice from a Moments Couple: Dance Like Crazy! (continued)

Fast-forward a year after their gorgeous beach wedding which featured two tons of limestone as the aisle, and Jacqueline and Judah are back to being the same fun, laid-back, adventurous, travel-loving couple they were when they first met. “Now is when we are really, really enjoying being married,” Judah says.

Looking back on all of the planning and process of their wedding day, what newlywed advice can they give couples about to embark on their own journey?

  • Make a big deal of the little moments in the time when you’re planning your day. Make each step an occasion – from the dress fittings to picking up the marriage license. Remember that you’re not just making memories with your beloved; you’re making memories with the special people in your life. “Try to enjoy everything up to the wedding because the wedding goes so fast!” Jacqueline says.
  • Look around and take everything in. Remember what you are there for: to celebrate your love and commitment to your soul mate with your friends and family.
  • Pick the most important aspects of your wedding and highlight those parts of your vision. Learn to let go of the rest if it can’t be done. Jacqueline says, “Find whatever means the most to you and make the most of it.”

And finally, Jacqueline gives the best newlywed advice I have heard in all of my years as a wedding planner, because there is truly no other occasion as special as your wedding day, and there is no better time to follow her advice: “Dance like crazy!”

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