Find of the Moment – Vegan Desserts from No Udder Desserts

Ok, I have to admit – I am not a vegan, not even a vegetarian, but I believe in leading a healthy life and preserving our planet, so I am prepared to take small steps in the right direction.

Recently, a new bakery opened up in my neighborhood in Woodland Hills, a suburb of Los Angeles – No Udder Desserts.  Out for a morning walk, Larisa and I stopped in to say hello.  The owner, Trisha Lobefaro, was welcoming and charming.  We sampled a lemon square and a chocolate ball and were intrigued – they tasted great!

Our Favorite - lemon square, chocolate cake and carrot cake

The vegan movement is gaining in popularity and it’s much more common now to get guest requests for vegan meals at a wedding.  Still, finding meal choices acceptable to vegan guests can still be a challenge.  At a recent wedding in LA, I was personally directing the executive chef at a prestigious country club to customize a meal for two vegan guests.  It was not easy – after all, any dairy product is out!   While I have not yet planned a full vegan wedding, I am up to the challenge. (With the Guest List Management Template included in The Ultimate Wedding Planning System, I advise couples to make note of any special dietary requirement and preference, so that guests’ wishes can be accommodated.)

So, I was quite excited to find a vegan bakery in my neighborhood and decided to conduct my own taste test.  I purchased a box of pastries and served them to my friends, who are NOT vegan.  We did not give them any information ahead of time, other than that we picked up desserts from a new bakery.

Dessert surprise

Once my guests learned that they just ate their first vegan dessert, they were so impressed by the taste.  A good first step, I think and a great option for those that are already further ahead in their quest for natural non-animal food.  The pastries sure did look great, too!  So, No Udder Desserts is now on my list for the next time I will be entertaining vegan guests.

Wedding planning tip – treat your vegan guests with extra special concern and attention:  pick up a vegan dessert from your local vegan specialty bakery so that they savor something special, too.

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