Cutting Wedding Costs : Ways to Save Money on Your Wedding

You’re engaged! After the fizz of the champagne subsides, your next and most important thought: How much is this going to cost? And how am I going to pay for it? Luckily, there are practical ways to cutting wedding costs to save money on your wedding while still achieving your wedding vision.

ways to save money on your wedding

ways to save money on your wedding

It’s easy to feel overwhelmed. Remember that like with any other purchase decision you make, there are options at different price points. There is no single right answer.

The key to cutting wedding costs is determining what’s most important to you. I’ve seen engaged couples spend considerable resources on music because entertainment was their top priority, at the expense of décor and food. Was that a mistake? Not for them! But it may be for you, if food and décor is your thing.

Once you’ve determined your priorities, it will become clear where you can compromise and find ways to save money on your wedding.

Top 10 tips for cutting wedding costs:

A save the date design from

A save the date design from

1. Use online services such as for easy and inexpensive save-the-date announcements, event invitations or place cards. There are plenty of online options that are reasonably priced, with many features and flexibility.

2. Rent your wedding jewelry. Adorn Jewels for Rent is a personal favorite of mine. For a fraction of the price, you can enjoy luxurious jewels on your wedding day.

3. Use seasonal flowers and be flexible about the floral assortment and style. Be open and honest with your florist, and let them know if this isn’t the priority for you. Using seasonal flowers and being flexible on floral arrangement and style can really help with budget constraints.

4. Rent your bridal gown. Companies such as One Night Affair offer an extensive

Gown from the Kirstie Kelly Signature collection at Costco

Gown from the Kirstie Kelly Signature collection at Costco

collection of wedding gowns for rent; from budget-friendly dresses to couture gowns. This is a great alternative to spending thousands on a dress that will live in your closet for years. Another option – check out Costco. I’ve seen the gowns and they are spectacular. I know Kirstie Kelly personally and she designed a beautiful collection.

5. Eliminate engagement photos.

6. Cut out guest favors. People often ask me if they have to give out wedding favors to their guests. The answer is no! If it doesn’t fit within your budget, I believe this is the first place to cut. Don’t get me wrong, if you have the money to spend, favors are a nice thing to do for your guests. But I’m also a big proponent of the fact that your guests should be bringing you gifts.

7. Limit your guest list. A quick way to cut wedding cost is to limit your guest list. Be realistic and invite those people that are emotionally involved with you – ultimately it will make for a better experience for you and your guests as well.

A signature drink not only adds personality, but also saves money.

A signature drink not only adds personality, but also saves money.

8. Skip the full bar. A full service bar can get quite expensive. Serve beer and wine instead, or better yet, serve a signature drink in keeping with your wedding theme. It helps set the tone and style of your wedding and is considerably less expensive than a full service bar.

9. Review contracts carefully for unexpected costs, such as after-hours charges, delivery charges – things you didn’t know could pop up. You want to be aware of that from the get go so you can budget for it.

10. Reduce the amount of food served. Cut back on hors d’oeuvres served during the cocktail hour and/or the number of courses included in your meal.

If you are realistic and honest about your priorities, you can cut wedding costs and find ways to save money on your wedding while staying within your budget.

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