A Hummingbird and a nest… and a beautiful place…

A hummingbird symbolizes grace and cheerfulness… but to me there are more personal meanings of a hummingbird. They are small, yet very beautiful. They are careful where they nest and have such simple yet colorful tones to their small complicated bodies. They work very hard to move but never show the strength that it takes… I guess you could say that although they work so hard at using their wings to move, they always seem to float in the air effortlessly.

Bear with me while I take you on a journey….

A nest is a small, comfortable place…. One that is inviting and cozy and provides shelter and safety…..no other words needed….

There is a beautiful place called Hummingbird Nest Ranch. It is the essence of all that has been described above and more.

I have always said that when you bring an incredible team of talented individuals together, amazing things happen….. so with that said, I will begin to tell the story of my experience as an invited guest at one of the most special of industry events.

50 Shades of White was a spectacular evening for industry insiders… and I was so honored to be included on the guest list… to experience an evening planned, designed and orchestrated by an exceptional team of Wedding Industry professionals. (I will provide all of the credits later).


Obviously there was a reason for this incredible evening…. To showcase Hummingbird Nest Ranch as an all encompassing location for spectacular opportunities, photo shoots, movie production, business conferences and special events, but most importantly for Luxury Weddings… where privacy, comfort and style are most important. The magnificent grounds have been the host to many, but on this evening, it became the backdrop for a jaw dropping experience in an effort to present the best of so many others as well.

With all of that noted, take a look at the images (courtesy of Boone Studios) as they will say so much more than my words. Understand that this was an undertaking of great proportion, planned and designed within a very short timeframe…. Just think about the possibilities and then dream a little as it was so much more than imagination could provide!

2345789 101112 13 -218-2 23 2220 17 1621  15 19

And the exceptional talent of those that made this special evening possible… with style, grace and incomparable professionalism………

The Teams from:
Hummingbird Nest Ranch
Four Seasons Westlake Village Catering
Bella Vita Events
XO Bloom
Luna Party Rentals
Fla De Dahs
A Rental Connection
John & Jopseph Photography
Boone Studios
Images By Lighting
Krieger Style
Vogue Candles
Beauty By Hidi
Party Shoppe Ave
Liese Gardner Communications
Socal Valet
Sandman Security
Kieu Hoang Wines

Thank you to the whole team!


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Sometimes we do things on a “WHIM” … and sometimes we attend a “WIM”…

Sometimes we do things on a “WHIM” … and sometimes we attend a “WIM”



Planning a WIM takes a lot of time, consideration and attention to detail. The WIM that I mention is the Wedding Industry Meeting… that took place in Florence, Italy on April 17, 2018 . Although I was not able to attend, I can certainly tell you that it was an exceptional meeting that was organized and planned in a very thoughtful way from beginning to end.


This WIM was organized by Tommaso Corsini, CEO of Corsini Events Group, at the beautiful and luxurious Villa Corsini A Mezzomonte, and supported by the Host Destination Partner, Tuscany For Weddings a division of the Destination Florence Convention and Visitors Bureau. National wedding planning agencies met with local suppliers representing hotels, villas, tour operators, wedding photographers and other wedding services and attended the conference with a panel discussion of top local suppliers. In addition to over 100 companies in attendance, Brides, Elle Sposi and Sposi Magazine (three of the top wedding magazines) also participated.

AM041934The goal of this WIM is to present the current state of the wedding industry, focusing on the need to bring the industry together and to reflect Tuscany as a competitive region in the wedding and destination wedding market, with exceptional services and professionals that can exceed the expectations of clients both local and worldwide.



For an insiders view, enjoy a few of the images of this inaugural industry event.

_M2_8882 UX2B0108 UX2B0055 AM042024 AM032746UX2B9761_HDRAM041788AM041591UX2B9630_HDRFor more information, please contact:

In Italy:

logo for TFW

Chiara Gheri
Division Manager
Destination Florence Convention and Visitors Bureau
Tuscany for Weddings
Phone +39 0552988134
Mobile +39 3666918019
Fax +39 0552988122
Email weddings@conventionbureau.it

In the United States:

Wayne Gurnick
U.S. Ambassador for Tuscany For Weddings
Phone: 1-818-715-9063
Email: Wayne@momentsbywayne.com

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This is not a dream


Villa Le Fontanelle Chapel“Going to the chapel
And we’re gonna get married
Going to the chapel
And we’re gonna get married…” and the rest is music to my ears.

I am not sure what type of Chapel the Dixie Cups had in mind when they recorded this hit song in the 60’s, but I am pretty certain that even they would be blown away by their walk to the chapel at Villa Le Fontanelle in Tuscany.  Moments at Villa Le FontanelleNestled in the hills overlooking Florence, Villa Le Fontanelle is a hidden jewel with history, elegance and a quiet charm.  When I learned that one of Italy’s most famous families, the Medicis owned this Villa in the 15th century, I couldn’t help but wonder what new adventures and stories await a couple that gets married in this incredible place.

Moments at Villa Le FontanelleSo, I came up with some ideas…You arrive at Villa Le Fontanelle several days before your wedding and quickly leave behind any stress, noise and rush of your modern-day life. Here, time has a different quality ideal for two people starting a new life.

Moments at Villa Le FontanelleYou sip Prosecco while relaxing in the tower, the highest point from which you can see Florence.

Moments at Villa Le FontanelleWith six suites at the Villa, the whole property is at your disposal, and you surround yourself with your closest family and friends.  The amazing staff pampers you and introduces you to Italians’ favorite entertainment – a candle-lit dinner with your family and friends, under the ancient oak trees, where each dish is more incredible than the last and the wine is endless.

Moments at Villa Le FontanelleOn the morning of your wedding, you take a leisurely stroll through the gardens and admire the quiet and effortless manner in which the details of your wedding celebration are coming together.  The crisp white linens, bunches of lavender and vases filled with peonies… you look up at the bell tower at the Chapel, which still houses its original bell and marvel at the history and the beauty surrounding you.  No, this is not a dream…it’s your dream wedding.

Moments at Villa Le Fontanelle

The Villa is ideal for an intimate wedding of 40 to 60 guests and a great place for you to start your honeymoon.  Whether you decide to explore other parts of Italy or head over to other nearby destinations, the spirit of Villa Le Fontanelle will be with you for the rest of your life.

Moments at Villa Le FontanelleIf a picture is worth a thousand words, Villa Le Fontanelle is worth a thousand dreams.

Can you see yourself here? Can you imagine creating memories with all the people you love? Do you want to have a different kind of wedding?

Just say “I do!”, and contact us… we can plan it all for you.


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My “it” place can be yours – come with me to Italy!

Italy has long been my “it” place, drawing me in and nurturing my soul. I recently spent 10 days in Tuscany and Abruzzo, and again, the experience left me changed.   Slow down, witness the ancient elements coexisting with the modern, and bask in the unparalleled generosity and hospitality of the Italian people. If this sounds like something you would like to experience in your daily life, then imagine how this experience could change your wedding planning journey.


I am excited to share with you what I discovered. Come with me – imagine the possibilities of your Italian wedding.

I help couples plan one of the most meaningful days of their life.   The wedding day is the destination, but the steps to get there are equally important. When you choose your wedding venue, you set a tone for your wedding day. Couples may overlook the impact that this decision could have on the months that lead up to the wedding day.

Artimino-e-la-Villa-Medicea-copyright-Associazione-Pontormo (3)
One of my favorite destinations in Italy is Artimino, a picturesque and sprawling estate situated just 15 miles outside of Florence. Someone might say that it has it all; this generalization really deserves a more detailed explanation. 8If you choose Artimino as your wedding destination, you get the pristine beauty and charm of the Tuscan countryside. The famous Medici Villa “La Ferdinanda“, a UNESCO heritage site, is located in Artimino, along with a museum and a medieval hilltop village. Your guests are situated in comfort and luxury, at a 57-room 4-star hotel or village apartments.

Jean Georges Tayar (GM) has an amazing team, including Marusca Innocenti  and Elena Naldi who understand the true meaning of hospitality and create a once-in-a-lifetime experience for guests at Artimino. IMG_8659Their simple greeting was “Taste the beauty and history at Artimino” and they meant it! The estate houses vineyards and sprawling wine cellars, offering wine tasting and some of the best wines the region has to offer.  Chefs create delicious gourmet experiences using the freshest ingredients, all grown at the Artimino farm. The property’s 18,000 olive plants produce a top quality extra-virgin olive oil, via the cold press, in the style developed in Etruscan times.

Not only do you enjoy the most delicious food, but you and your guests can learn how to make pasta in the traditional Italian style when you take a cooking class from the renowned Chef de cuisine.

IMG_8623And that’s just the start of the activities that are available here – concerts, horseback riding, swimming and hiking through the countryside.

Ah, but let’s not forget why you came here – it’s your wedding! Here is where the options become truly endless – whether you envision an outdoor wedding overlooking the gently rolling green hills,with the backdrop of the medieval castle or you prefer the old-world charm of the winery. There are endless possibilities, for parties of any size, with the natural backdrops so beautiful that they need very little adornment.


Did I mention that fireworks are available here?

IMG_8165Can you see yourself here? Can you imagine creating memories with all the people you love? Do you want to have a different kind of wedding?

Just say “I do!” and contact us… we can plan it all for you.



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It is a wedding war out there!

It is a wedding war out there! Now that I have said that… there is a little known fact that most men rent their wedding day attire when they really should be purchasing.

Now for the war… Combatant Gentleman is the place for men to fight that war! Combatantgentleman.com that is.Screen Shot 2015-07-15 at 3.04.35 PM

So stick with me for a minute.

I am the first person to be concerned about customer service and taking care of business by taking care of those that do business with me. I rely on so many other people and professionals in my line of work… Wedding planning, design and coordination (a little self-promotion here. Just look at my web site: Momentsbywayne.com).  I have set such high standards that most of the time, I can not believe that others have not done so also. It seems to me in that it’s ok in the “wedding world” to be mediocre.  Mediocre, as I see it, is the way of the world, and it is really difficult to find those individuals and companies that rise above it all to be exceptional.

Now back to wedding attire for men. It has been a long time since I have addressed the issue of men’s attire for weddings. Mainly because I have found that men’s wedding fashion has been so mediocre…and boring.  Most men feel that it is ok to just go out to the neighborhood tuxedo rental store (They shall remain nameless here so I do not ruffle feathers or tails) and choose a tuxedo off of the rack, try it on and pretend that it will fit and look great on their most important day. And then they do the same for the other men in the bridal party. Well, those rented tuxedos look just like…..  rented tuxedos. Ill fitting and not crisp or fresh… usually worn by many prior. There is a better way and finally, the better way has been made easy and affordable!

I met Kevin from Combatant Gentleman by chance, by being in the same place at the same time.  A bridal show of all places. I do not rent booths or work bridal shows as I find that once again, the services that show in this type of arena are mediocre. Not all of them, but many. So, at this particular bridal show, I noticed a booth with tuxedos and suits on display. This display was intriguing to me.  A small display by a little known company. The price points were unbelievably low (starting at $160.00 and up). I took a good look at the garments. High quality fabrics, luxury styling in keeping with the latest trends, and an incredibly friendly and knowledgeable person working the booth.  These elements came together for me and in an instant I was talking with Kevin… for quite a while to get to know him and the company.  I explained that I can not refer companies to my clients unless I have experienced  personally the products and services and that I would check the web site out and probably place an order.

Yesterday, I finally had time to get in touch… and why did I wait so long???  Really, all I needed to do was to google Combatantgentleman.com and go to the Groom’s Suite by clicking on “weddings”. Once I did, I found a complete web site with all of the services for men’s fashion that I needed to find.  I contacted Kevin and

Screen Shot 2015-07-15 at 1.58.12 PMrequested some additional information and today, I placed my order for not one, but two suits (at such reasonable pricing for the quality that I have already seen).  I received email notification that my suits shipped in the afternoon.

Final thoughts for now:  I am anticipating that if everything goes as planned, I will be referring many clients to this web site.

Less than 24 hours after I placed my order on line for two suits from Combatantgentleman.com:

I just received my two suits each in their own garment bag, and packed in a black shipping box. I couldn’t wait to see how they fit and VOILA!  They fit perfectly… now to the tailor just to get the pants hemmed to the right length.  I will be wearing these as a very happy “Combatant Gentleman” while working at my client’s weddings.  I must say that I am completely happy with the service and the suits.  Combatant Gentleman.com is exceptional!

weekend bagweekend bag 2P.S.  Look for their weekend Bag that will be back in stock in the fall… it would make a great gift for your groomsmen!

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Meet the Masters – Wayne Gurnick on Wedding Trends

Meet the Masters

On November 17, 2014 Wayne Gurnick joined a panel of distinguished event professionals at Meet the Masters, an event by International Special Events Society – Greater Los Angeles Chapter (ISES-LA).



Lisa Hurley from Special Events Magazine moderated the panel and asked Wayne: “Weddings have been taking place for many years. Look at the past and the present, where do you see the trends for weddings going in the future and what changes have you had to make within your business to keep up with the changing trends?”

Wayne: So much has changed in the wedding space… I want to talk about three trends that I consider to be very important.

Dee_Roger 167First, weddings are increasingly planned and paid for by the bride and groom. This brings different, less traditional sensibilities to the process and opens the possibilities for greater creativity. It also means that the hosts do not have much experience with event planning and etiquette, which requires coaching, guidance and more handholding. There are also budget considerations and that phenomenon called DIY.


To respond to this, I’ve made changes in my business.  I’ve become a confidant, a therapist and a life coach – and I have adjusted my pricing to accommodate the increased time needed with each client.  I’ve had to refine my approach to appeal to different audiences and generations. And opportunities for creativity are exploding – it’s much more than colors, flowers and linens.  I’ve had to embrace DIY but up to a point. Lets face it, friends and family can not deliver the way that professionals can and I explain that to my clients.


Second, social media has become an important member of the bridal party – providing tips, ideas, recommendations and advice for all things wedding. The trouble is that all this information can be overwhelming and paralyzing. As wedding professionals, we have to inform, educate and de-clutter our clients’ perspective to help them make decisions that are right for them.

Technology is not my strong point – ask me to design a ballroom or coordinate a ceremony and I can do it with my eyes closed. But now, in addition to all the knowledge that I have about weddings, I’ve had to learn about social media – Pinterest, twitter, Facebook, and of course, Yelp.

The third trend that I see is that weddings are becoming a competitive sport. How long before wedding planning is part of the Olympic Games?!

There are two aspects to this.  On the consumer side:  couples are seeking out new twists, new elements, taking their cues from celebrities, movies and high fashion to personalize their wedding and put a stamp of uniqueness and individuality.   They want the bragging rights of being the first to do something cool and different.


Another reason why I call this a competitive sport is that the grooms are getting involved too. They want creative clothing that is unique and different, just as each bride wants for her gown. 0635 Man caves, whiskey bars and other masculine touches are becoming more common. I’ve had to adjust my language and designs to include creative verbiage that appeals to both sexes.


The second aspect of competition is on the business side – there is a growing number and diversity of service providers in every aspect of the wedding space. Everybody wants a piece of the wedding business. I am constantly expanding my core group of service providers, spending many more hours researching and interviewing new providers to understand their capabilities and road blocks.

ChristineBentleyPhotography_1676 cropped

I have mentioned to you several ways that things have changed but as you all know, many things have remained the same… Clients still want value for their dollar, and they can’t possibly anticipate how quickly the wedding goes by after all the months of planning and it is my job to make sure that at the end of the day, I have helped them to create lasting memories.

Panel of Masters included:

Guy Genis from Eventmakers
Wayne Gurnick from Moments by Wayne
Camila Pinzon from BluePrint Studios
Lindsley Lowell from PlaceLA
Erika Maya from ThinkLA


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Find of the Moment: Be the Best-Dressed Man, not just the Best Man!

Style, attention to detail, fresh colors and patterns….These words describe what we do every day at Moments by Wayne.  But it’s not every day that we can associate these words with a topic of interest to the gentlemen.  And here is the real hook – be the best-dressed man, not just the best man, for FREE!

SUIT_LW_PearlGrey copy

We have to admit – Bonobos is not exactly a household name, but those who know the brand love it.  The company wants to spread the word among men who appreciate good style, comfort and value.  If you know such a guy, please let him know that Bonobos is doing a Work Essentials Giveaway – retail value of over $3,000!  (If you ARE that guy, than click on this link fast – you just got ahead of the crowd!)

bonobos_giveawayThis includes a suit from their Foundation Suit Collection, four dress shirts from their new collection and everything else a guy needs to take everyday style to the next level!

What an amazing offer for the love of your life — all that your guy needs to do is click on this link http://www.bonobos.com/b/sweeps/2014/work-essentials to enter.  Let him know how great he looks in his new Bonobos outfit and remind him that his stylish new look is good for fun, not just work.   With his new-found confidence and flair, all he needs to do is get down on one knee and say “Will you marry me?”   You say “Yes!”  We plan your stylish, well-fitting and incredibly fun wedding and everyone lives happily ever after.  The End.



Enter for free online by accessing http://www.bonobos.com/b/sweeps/2014/work-essentials during the Sweepstakes Entry Period and entering your email address.


The Sweepstakes is open only to legal residents of the United States (excluding Puerto Rico and U.S. territories), who, as of the date of entry (a) are 18 years of age or older, and (b) have internet access and an active email account.

The potential winner will be notified by email within five business days of selection.

All entrants into the Sweepstakes whose entries meet the requirements of these Official Rules will receive one entry into a random drawing to win the following:

One Bonobos Grey Foundation Suit (approximate retail value (“ARV”) $685)

Four Bonobos Americano Dress Shirts (each $138, total ARV $552) Two Bonobos ties (one $78 and one $68, total ARV $146)
One Bonobos pocket square (ARV $48)
One pair of Grenson Tom Burnt Pine shoes (ARV $330),

Two Bonobos tees (each $28, total ARV $56) One pair of Grenson black loafers (ARV $375) One Jack Spade leather briefcase (ARV $385) Two Bonobos belts (each $98, total ARV $196) One Il Bussetto card holder (ARV $81)

One Sigg water bottle (ARV $36.94)
One package of Emgie Libris notebooks (ARV $15) One Gold Spot pen (ARV $21)
One MBSMFG key fob (ARV $45)
One pair of Etiquette Clothiers boxers (ARV $66)

The total approximate retail value of the Prize to be awarded is U.S. $3,037.94.

Bonobos will randomly select the winner of the prize on or about March 19, 2014 from among all eligible entries received. The random selection will be final.

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The Romance of Fiji

Well, it DOES rain in sunny California occasionally and when it does, it’s good to escape, if only virtually.  Enjoy this escape to Fiji!

In November 2012, Tourism Fiji invited us to visit Fiji and share our insights about the North American wedding market with hotel operators, travel agents and other destination professionals.  We expected to find a beautiful tropical place.  What moved us the most was how kind, generous, warm and friendly Fijians are.  Thanks to Jim Selkin, our photographer and guide, for introducing us to this amazing land.  Thank you Tourism Fiji and all the gracious hosts for making it so easy for us to fall in love with Fiji.  Bula!


Fiji has 333 islands with something for everyone – sandy white beaches, luxurious spas, fine dining and water activities. IMG_2315The images you see in magazines and on web sites are of an exotic and tropical paradise, but how is Fiji really different and what makes it a great place for your destination wedding and honeymoon?

Hiking on Vomo

Hiking on Vomo

The answer is simple – “Fiji is where happiness finds you”.  It’s no wonder that Tourism Fiji uses this phrase as part of its logo.  Fiji is the ideal place for romance.

Sand Cay

Sand Cay

InterContinental Fiji

InterContinental Fiji


The fantasy wedding that you have been planning since you were little may collide with the reality filled with restrictions and cost implications.  For example, couples are surprised to learn that most beaches in the US have restrictions – limited number of guests, no alcohol allowed, no open fire, no structures and sound restrictions.

Likuliku Lagoon Resort

Likuliku Lagoon Resort

In Fiji, such restrictions simply don’t exist – anything is possible, particularly when you take into account the diversity of its 50 resorts.

Seaside Chapel at Shangri-La Fijian

Seaside Chapel at Shangri-La Fijian

This includes large resorts that can accommodate a wedding of 300 and exclusive and very private spots where you can have the entire island to yourself.  Fireworks, fire dancers and torches are all possible.


Sofitel Fiji Resort and Spa

You also have the flexibility of incorporating the essence of Fiji into your wedding and honeymoon to create a one of a kind experience for you and your guests.

Moments Fiji Collection

Moments Fiji Collection

Picturesque scenery provides lots of choices for décor and mood, with tropical flowers and characteristic architecture and designs.

Sofitel Fiji Resort & Spa

Sofitel Fiji Resort & Spa

In terms of activities, there is lots of flexibility, too – spa treatments, hiking, boating, snorkeling, diving, and simply relaxing, all within easy reach.

Hospitality and the “Bula Spirit”

IMG_2340When planning a wedding, the bride and groom step into the role of hosts and for some, this role is a new and unfamiliar one.

Fijian hospitality is one of a kind and makes it easy for the bride and groom to be the most gracious hosts.  Fijians wrap each guest in the “Bula Spirit.”   “Bula” is a greeting.  It’s both “hello” and “good-bye”. It’s “Welcome!”  Always accompanied by a warm smile, a big hug and any number of other gestures that lets you know that you are an honored guest.  Lemongrass-scented cool washcloths  are offered to wipe away the stress of travel and a cool drink of mango and pineapple juice is readily available to refresh your pallet.

Shangri-La Fijian Resort

Shangri-La Fijian Resort

And a song. You would think that when a group of staff at a resort come together on queue and break out in a song, that it would feel staged, like in a Hollywood musical.

But it’s just the opposite – very natural and spontaneous because it’s heart-felt.  It’s just part of the local culture.

Vomo Island Resort

Vomo Island Resort

Selecting a beautiful backdrop for your wedding is one thing, but having each picture highlighted by memories of warmth, care and amazing people that give you the gift of tranquility and love is altogether a different level of luxury.  Luxury is the pleasure of knowing that someone you trust is taking care of you.

Spa at Malolo Island Resort

Spa at Malolo Island Resort

Cultural adventure

Fiji has a rich culture and traditions that truly transform you.  Some examples are: the Kava ceremony, the wedding processional that involves Fijian warriors carrying the bride and the release of baby turtles into the ocean.  Gurnick_Wayne_coconut_strandsThen, there is the local cuisine, which is heavily influenced by Indian flavors as well as the artisans that create distinctive fabrics and patterns.

Likuliku Lagoon Resort

Likuliku Lagoon Resort

Garden of the Sleeping Giant

Garden of the Sleeping Giant, designed by Rosie Holidays

Also a part of the local culture is to connect with people and experience the simple pleasure of being alive.  All electronic gadgets seem irrelevant here (although you will be pleased to find high-speed internet in many resorts).

You quickly learn about the phrase “Fiji time” which means that nothing earth shattering will happen if you are running a few minutes late.  Paradise does not need Swiss-precision timepieces.

IMG_2326Time is measured in glimpses of the palm trees swaying in the balmy breeze, the waves gently stroking the white sand beach, birds chirping happily and spa-treatments that take all the pressures of ordinary life away.

Sunset at Mana Island Resort

Sunset at Mana Island Resort

Fiji is peaceful and calm; remarkably, even little children act differently here.  They are simply content.  For families with children, Fiji is stress-free.  Not only are there amazing nannies and kids club staff, but every staff here is quick to take a fussy baby from Mom and Dad to give them a break.  Fijians have a special touch when it comes to handling the little ones.



With the US Dollar worth nearly two Fiji Dollars, you get a great deal for your money.  Another important consideration is that when arriving from North America, you also get great value for your time – no jet-lag (21 hour time difference).  You go to sleep in US and wake up in Fiji, maximizing your time to enjoy Fiji.


Vomo Island Resort

Returning, it works the same way, with flights leaving Fiji late in the evening.

Likuliku Lagoon Resort - over the water bungallows

Likuliku Lagoon Resort – over the water bungalows

Fiji Moments

Photo credits – Jim Selkin Photography

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From the mouths of our clients: Annamarie

Kristin and Albert were married at St. Monica’s Catholic Church on August 10, 2013, and held their wedding reception at Hotel Casa Del Mar.


A note sent to us by Annamarie, Mother of the Bride:

“Dear Wayne, Words cannot express our gratitude for all your support during our wedding planning process.  Because of your expertise, my daughter was able to have the wedding of her dreams.  And how right  you were about the white dance floor, the lighting, the chairs, Talia, the linens, the choice of Arsine for the flowers…I could go on & on, but all we really want to say is Thank You…for all the love & support given to our family over the past 15 months.”

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Intern Insights: Men’s Fashion

There is plenty of talk in the wedding industry about finding the perfect dress for each bride, but what about finding the perfect outfit for each groom?  Nowadays, trendy men’s clothing is not just for fashion forward European Casanovas, but for the modern American man too.

Ryan Mundy, safety for the Pittsburgh Steelers, stole the show in a midnight blue tuxedo with black satin shawl lapel at his Pittsburgh wedding.

Ryan Mundy, safety for the Pittsburgh Steelers, stole the show in a midnight blue tuxedo with black satin shawl lapel at his Pittsburgh wedding.

From suits to pocket squares, department stores are not offering men the exclusivity they desire for these special moments.  Men want something that will make them stand out.  In short, men want custom.  Luckily, the men’s fashion industry has responded to these demands, giving way to a new group of Professional Clothiers.


Astor & Black, a custom clothier, believes that finding the ideal suit or tuxedo is equally as important as finding that beautiful dress for the couple’s special day.  From the rubberized waistband that keeps shirts tucked in to the 17 different jacket styles to choose from, Astor & Black offers the custom bespoke tailoring to design suits that complement one’s lifestyle.  Not only are these suits tailored to one’s size and style, but the clothiers at Astor & Black adjust their tailoring to accommodate any and as many accessories as a guy can have!

Astor&Black-name plateCustomers can choose their own fabric, add embroidery to the labels inside the jacket and pants, or even have a permanent pocket square sewn in the jacket’s front pocket.  This type of personalization will make any guy feel like a king when he puts his suit on.  Another practical aspect that the Astor & Black clothiers add in is sweat shields in the underarms of each jacket.  While this may not be the most glamorous part of the suit, it sure will come in handy during the summer heat or even during those nervous moments on a special day.

Astor&Black tuxIf my word is not enough, scores of professional athletes and celebrities flock to Astor & Black because they can design a suit for any shape, size, or desire.  Stars such as Drew Brees, Scott Disick, Kanye West, Channing Tatum, Bill Maher, and Cam Newton all rely on Astor & Black to create flawless suits.  As said on their website, Astor & Black believes that “it’s all about you.”

12Fold, an online pocket square company offers a monthly subscription to their limited edition custom pocket squares.  They pride themselves on exclusivity; each month’s pocket square is never reproduced or distributed to any retail stores.

12Fold 1

If you don’t get it right away, you may never see it again.  These pocket squares are a great way to spice up a suit and stand out from the crowd.  Pocket squares are a simple and effective way to add new colors, textures, and patterns to a wardrobe.  These accents act as an upgrade to one’s wardrobe.  In addition, 12Fold includes fashion tips to help pair each month’s pocket square with its ideal outfit and accessories.

12 fold 2After discovering 12Fold, I wanted to find out why they chose such a niche market: subscription pocket squares.  At first, I had trouble getting in contact with anyone from 12Fold, which was slightly frustrating, but after playing email tag, I finally got on the phone with Marcus, one of the owners.  When asked why this market, Marcus simply told me that he and his partners, Nate and Phil, wanted a better pocket square.  We had a great conversation about 12Fold’s future and I am excited to see how 12Fold will grow (both in notoriety and the items they design!).

12 Fold JulyMarcus was nice enough to send over July’s pocket square: a pale pink square trimmed in washed out aqua and accented with matching polka dots.  While these might not be the simplest colors to pair, 12Fold makes sure to guide their customers in the right direction by giving tips like “Pastels can bring out the prepster in you” and “pair this square with other summer essentials like loafers and a classic pair of shades.”  No matter how unique the square is, these practical tips help the stylish modern man incorporate it with a variety of wardrobes.

Companies like Astor & Black and 12Fold are opening doors to the world of custom formal wear and accessories.  And now, these services are not only for the elite celebrities, but for any man with an eye for style, some money to spend, and the desire to stand out.  Next time you need to stand out, think custom.

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